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The Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology was created in 2006 in the Department of Ecology and Zoology of the Center for Biological Sciences, Federal University of Santa Catarina. Since then, is developing studies and projects in Freshwater Ecology / Limnology area. It also aims at training qualified personnel and consolidation of a research group / laboratories from the Ecology and Plant Biology Post Graduate Program (Center for Biological Sciences) and Aquaculture Post Graduate Program (Center for Agricultural Sciences) from Federal University of Santa Catarina.

During 2006 the laboratory received funding from the University to develop two researches projects in the region. In 2008 began a project in Peri coastal lagoon (Supported by CNPq) with the participation of researchers from Ecology and Zoology, and Aquaculture departments. This project made possible the first two master dissertations from the Ecology Post Graduate Program concluded in 2010. Also in 2008, was beginning a master dissertation from the Plant Biology Post Graduate Program, aimed on the leaf breakdown process of native mangroves species.

In 2009, also in Peri coastal lagoon was implemented a research project that aimed to estimate phytoplankton primary production rates. By 2009, three graduation monographs have already been designed, developed and finalized in the laboratory and there are new opportunities to be developed.

The main objective of the research laboratory is to contribute with attitudes, concepts, techniques and methodologies to develop discussions, which incorporated the qualification, to train professionals to work in the environmental area, especially those related to water resources.


To provide research, extension and education in aquatic ecology and can serve not only to academics but also the communities (environmental managers, decision makers and the public).


Teaching researches and professional, critic and ethical, which can develop works in ecology of inland waters.


Include in the academics of the University research, extension and education as part of their graduation activities. Survey information and knowledge of the waters research from Santa Catarina region.

Products and Services

Production of knowledge, training of staff and specialized professionals (graduate and post-graduation), answer the local and regional demands in the area of ecology of inland waters.


Research and information gathering; training of specialized professionals.

The Internal Public

Graduate and post-graduate students, teachers and staff from the Department of Ecology and Zoology of the Center for Biological Sciences, the Center for Philosophy and Humanities and the Center for Agricultural Sciences.

The external audience

Students from Universities, school students, local community, national and international research institutions, Florianópolis Municipality, among others. Environmental Authority, managers and decision makers from environmental areas and companies.